Judge Judy: Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick (Famous)

Rich burgundy lips are so in this fall. So I decided to get myself a deep burgundy lip color, just to, you know, fit in… (LOL). I’ve never tried bold colors, so this is all new territory for me. To compound the unfamiliarity, I picked the color from a brand I have yet to try – the famous Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks! And my shade? Famous from Huda Beauty!

A resident beauty influencer on Instagram, Huda Beauty has been on the roll lately. From her false eyelashes (with the signature eyes packaging), lip contours and liquid lipsticks (also with the signature lip packaging), and now even on to her rose gold eye shadow palette, Huda has clearly made her mark in the industry. Instagram videos featuring her products constantly pour themselves on my feed, so naturally I’m excited to try her product.

Image result for huda beauty famous liquid lipstick

(Image source: https://www.aliexpress.com/popular/famous-lip-gloss.html)

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Famous:

  • 20.00 USD for 0.17 fl oz
  • A highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipstick
  • Lightweight formula that dries to a matte finish
  • Intense color payoff with transfer-free properties

Described as a chic burgundy color, this is how the shade Famous looks on me:



Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Famous:

  • A highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipstick

This product aces in its hydrating formula that feels almost like a moisturizing lipstick rather than the typical drying sensation that most liquid lipsticks give off. Having moisture locked in, of course my lips feel some level of comfort. It doesn’t crack nor flake. I would say that the color Famous does give me kind of a long wear, most probably because it’s a bold, highly pigmented color to begin with.

  • Lightweight formula that dries to a matte finish

While I do agree that it feels light on the lips, I would disagree that it dries to a matte finish. Prior to purchasing this product, I’ve encountered online reviews claiming that this lipstick takes a little longer to dry matte. Many recommended waiting for five to ten minutes for the product to set. However, mine unfortunately NEVER sets. The finish looks the same from the moment of application till the time before I remove it. At least for the shade Famous, it sets to an almost cream to gloss like moisturizing finish. Anyone who sees me wearing it would definitely never guess that I’m wearing what’s supposed to be a matte liquid lipstick. To add on to that, the application for this shade is pretty patchy. I just can’t get it to set uniformly. It almost appears like I’m wearing some ombre lip. And for these, I am very disappointed.

  • Intense color payoff with transfer-free properties

Like I said earlier, because this is a very bold color, the payoff on my lips is quite intense. In fact, I felt it looked so overwhelmingly dark on me that I’m not so much a fan of the shade. However, this doesn’t upset me as much as the fact that this liquid lipstick is NOT transfer-free whatsoever. This thing transfers like nobody’s business. About an hour plus into application, I took a sip from a plastic cup as gently as I could. And there it is – Famous transferred to the cup. And when I ate, the product transfers all over my spoon and fork despite me really trying so hard to eat gently. Fifteen minutes in, the lipstick has transferred to my chin. It’s terrible. I couldn’t stand it anymore that I went home, retrieved the product and returned it at Sephora.

Clearly, I’m no fan of this product, at least in this particular shade. I haven’t given up on Huda Beauty yet. I still have three more of her liquid lipsticks that I have yet to try (soon and I will update here). But this particular shade, I would pass and go for Anastasia Beverly Hills in Vamp or Heathers.

VERDICT: Not Recommended


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