No Thanks, Too Faced

This is my first entry for this particular category, “No Thanks”. I’ll perhaps talk a bit about why I included this category in my blog before I talk about the products.

Most of us make purchasing decisions on an everyday basis. What determines that decision-making process is usually our needs. With affluence, it could be our wants. With the world of marketing and advertising, it could be commercial influence. I’m all for the first one, obviously. I could support the second one, but I’m pretty reserved when it comes to the third.

In the beauty industry today, there is literally an abundance of products. And companies are trying to gain the competitive edge, finding niche areas to differentiate themselves. If that competitive edge is quality of product, I’m on board. But when that competitive edge turns into something rather superficial, and is really just targeting people who are consumed by consumerism and have an insatiable desire for more and more beauty products, I feel a need to demonstrate my aversion.

So for entries in this category, I am basically sharing with you products which I feel are not worth buying. There could be various reasons for this – poor quality, poor value and so on. But whatever it is, I’m saying no to these products because they are not worth my money. So without further ado, let’s see a product from Too Faced that I feel is just plain redundant, and not worth your greens.

If you’ve been following Too Faced, you’d know that they kind of have a niche in creating cute packaging. When it comes to their holiday sets, they’d go overboard. Last year was the Le Grand Chateau

Image result for too faced le grand chateau

(Image source:

This year is the Grand Hotel Cafe.

Image result for too faced grand hotel cafe

(Image source:

Come on. What the hell is this? From the 2015 holiday set to the limited edition The Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials, and now the Grand Hotel Cafe… They’re practically all the same thing.

Quality wise, let me tell you these aren’t as good as the Too Faced tin packaging palettes. I love my Too Faced Natural Matte Eye palette. The color payoff is amazing and the shadows are so smooth. These however are more powdery and less pigmented. The blush and bronzer are of lesser quality too than the original ones. So I can’t wrap my head around paying for something that I know is of inferior quality to other products by the brand itself.

Next, the packaging. I mean, yes, it looks pretty. I guess maybe there are some people out there who simply adore those chateau and hotel cardboard boxes and found them so cute that they have to get it. For me, seriously, where the hell am I gonna house these?? And if I were to bring a palette for travel, they’re flimsy and each palette doesn’t give much variation for looks to create. So do I bring all three? I don’t know. There’s just nothing from these that pique my interest at all. None of the colors are out of the ordinary. They’re really just a collector’s item, definitely not worth my money.

No thanks, Too Faced



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