No Thanks, Sephora Cyber Monday

Thanks to marketing and consumerism, Sephora now invites you to shop Cyber Monday, a mere two days after Black Friday (and not forgetting Sephora’s loyalty rewards shopping incentive coming up in a week, on 2 Dec).

As your cyber beauty expense advisor, let me advise you on why these items are not worth getting.

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If you’re right beside me, you’ll hear me sigh. I am just always baffled at how pricey Hourglass items are. The past two years’ holiday palettes from Hourglass have left me perplexed, trying to figure out how the products justify the price. And now, they’re doing it again. Priced at 62.00 USD for 0.27 oz of product, this is their latest Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette. I’ll admit the price comparison to the regular products for this particular palette isn’t as bad as the holiday palettes. But still, it’s just not an attractive deal especially since I’m no fan of this particular blush series. I expected the texture to be more buttery, and giving you that lit from within. But when I swatched these, they were just powdery and shimmery. I would rather spend that 62 bucks on 3 Bobbi Brown or MAC blushes, or even the Tarte ones. They’re just better in quality and have a more justifiable price (even the Tarte holiday blush palette). And I don’t think the plum shade looks good on my skin tone. So, this is a definite NO.


Wow, I feel like Too Faced has appeared in every single one of my “No Thanks” entry. Don’t get me wrong. I do love some of Too Faced products. In fact, the foundation I most commonly reach for is by Too Faced. But I am just no fan of their latest releases (hint hint: Sweet Peach palette and sets coming up). This White Chocolate Chip Palette is another one in my list of Too Faced’s unnecessary releases. A spin-off from their permanent Chocolate Bar palette, this one features pastels, creamy nudes and a pop of black and is priced at 26.00 USD.

Firstly, if you already owned the Chocolate Bar palette, this one is really unnecessary. The colors and concept are very similar. If you don’t but you own a few other neutral, pastel palettes from other brands that you currently love, they you don’t need it too. If you’re buying this just because there’s a black (and its glittered black, not matte), I’d say go get a single from Make Up Geek or Colourpop. The only reason (valid one) for you to get this palette is if you have yet to own a soft neutral palette and you simultaneously love some pops of shimmers, and you are not willing to spend anything above 30 bucks for it. Granted, you can create different day and night looks with this, but like I said, it’s not necessary to get it. It’s not an exceptional, unique product. And, have you checked out the actual size of this palette? It is tiny!!! I remembered the time I actually received my Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette, I thought the pans were tiny. This White Chocolate Chip Palette takes the cake. So for those out there who want to get it just because, save your money babes.

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Last but not least is this new release from Smashbox. A travel size palette priced at 29.oo USD for 0.27 oz, this Cover Shot Eye Palette collection comes in seven different variations (click link above to check out the other six palettes). There are bold, matte and metallic palettes, with various color schemes. So technically, there’s a palette for every taste.

My issue with this though is that one palette in itself, I feel is pretty limiting. Especially for those who travel for weeks rather than a simple two or three day trip, it is not exciting to just bring one of this travel palette. I’d have to get at least two – probably Golden Hour, Ablaze or the Matte one. I feel that if I were to buy these, I would end up with two or three. It’s really hard to choose the one palette that is sufficient. So what I’m trying to say is I’d rather spend 10 dollars or so more to get a full palette that can give me a lot of different looks like say the LORAC Pro and only bring that for travel. Also, if the quality of these shadows are similar to the Smashbox Exposure palettes, then I’m no fan. I’ve swatched those before and they’re not as pigmented as I wanted them to be. And they feel rather chalky too. To be fair, I’ve not swatched this new collection but I guess for now, that’ll be a pass.

Folks, be it Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if you do not NEED anything, please do not buy anything. 90% of the time, you won’t even know you need the thing if not for these sale tactics. Come on, let’s not get sucked into this black hole of consumerism.


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