No Thanks, Urban Decay

Before people get charmed by the sale, let me intervene here.


Yes, Urban Decay is slashing the price of one of its palettes, on its website, on Sephora and Ulta. The Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette is at half price! And this coincides with the Sephora loyalty rewards happening today up till the 14th. And those VIB Rouge members shopping at Sephora will be thinking, hey if I get this palette, and with the $25 off my $50+ purchase, I’m literally spending only 2 bucks on this!

Okay, let me stop you there. No, you are not saving money if the only reason you’re getting this palette is because it’s on sale. Tell me, prior to seeing this offer, were you intending to buy this palette? If your honest answer to that is a yes, then I’d say go get it. If you’ve been dying to get this palette (long before you knew there’s ever gonna be a fantastic sale on it), and you’re truly looking for a smoky eye palette because you don’t have one, then I’d say GO… RUN to your nearest Sephora, or hop on to the website and quickly grab this before they run out of stock.

BUT if you’re only thinking of getting this palette after seeing this sale price, and especially if you own other smoky palettes, or as a matter of fact other better palettes or shadows with browns, taupes and greys, I’d say control yourself! Do not be easily tempted.

First, ask yourself this. Do high end brands often slash prices off their palettes? I personally have not noticed this trend very much. But if they do, what kinds of palettes usually go on sale like this? For Urban Decay itself, I can name you the palette that went on sale before this one. The Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette. Yup, that went on sale for quite a bit of time, from I believe 58 USD to 25 USD. Now, I personally did not like that palette one bit. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Gwen. In fact, she’s the only singer that I follow on Instagram! But that palette, oh my, is so lackluster and just disoriented. I don’t know why the colors are what they are. I don’t understand the two rows of neutrals, each looking so similar to the other. Come on, that palette wasn’t worthy of praise. Hence, it went on sale! Because it was bad!

Now, the Naked palette is on sale! Would it really be on sale if it was an awesome palette? NO! Palettes will only be on sale like this if it’s undesirable. Ratings online have shown how Naked Smoky is the least preferred of all the Naked palettes. It has the most dismal review of all the Naked palettes, and honestly the quality isn’t just there. I mean yeah, I feel that the packaging for the smoky palette looks the best compared to the other three. But does that mean you can shortchange the quality of shadows? They are much drier and chalkier compared to the previous three, and to be honest, if you’ve owned previous Naked palettes especially the first two, you’d only be buying this palette for one or two shades that look slightly different from previous palettes, the rest being so similar.

For those of you who do not own the Naked palettes, but have palettes with different neutrals and browns of different finishes, and a plum and greyish color somewhere in some other palette, or eyeshadow singles, you DO NOT need this palette. You can recreate better smoky looks with whatever you currently own. You do not need one more palette that’s labeled as smoky just to do a smoky look.

For this Sephora rewards sale, I hope you’re using it wisely. Buy something that is a staple, that you would’ve bought anyway but this sale helps you save $25. Don’t create reasons that were previously non-existent to spend another $50 to get $25 off. If you do not need the item, you’d still be $25 poorer.

Till a happier post next…



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