No Thanks, Tom Ford

The past decade had me dabbling or investing in quite a bit of makeup from a variety of brands. I’ve always been open to trying different brands, especially those boosted by positive reviews from the beauty community. Even when I’m upset with the price point of several products such as the palettes from Hourglass, I continue to purchase their amazing primer and still keep a lookout for what they have to offer. Never have I been so averse to a brand, until Tom Ford decided to expand his beauty/cosmetics line. 

Before I talk about this aversion, let me provide some context as to how I judge the worth of products to myself. Of course I understand that high end makeup brands obviously have to have a significantly higher price point. For instance, I’m willing to continually spend 55.00 USD to purchase my most beloved Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. That is because the quality of the primer and what it does to my skin and makeup is unparalleled. I have yet to find an equal or even the closest dupe to that primer that cost less. I understand and am willing to fork out my dollar bills if the quality and quantity of product are justified. It baffles me when companies roll out products that bear sub-par grade at ridiculously high prices. When they keep doing that, I have nothing but aversion to their products. For me, Tom Ford fits this bill. 

Currently, Tom Ford has expanded his cosmetics line to include about 5 lip products, a few palettes and quite a bit of face and cheek products, along with a couple of eye makeup. When I first took notice of Tom Ford‘s makeup, I checked out the lip products. And my oh my, was I bewildered by the price point. 53.00 USD for 0.1 fl oz of lipstick. But still I headed down to Sephora to test the pigmentation and see for myself what the deal was with a 53 dollar lippie. And trust me, it’s no big deal, at all.

tom ford sheer lip.jpg

I just can’t process why a sheer lip product needs to cost 53 dollars. There is truly nothing special about the color or formula. And being a sheer lip color, is is neither waterproof nor transfer-free. And not to mention its lack of opacity. I couldn’t justify spending over 50 bucks on an average sheer lipstick that happens to be Tom Ford’s. 

tom ford soleil lip.jpg

A lip product that’s packaged with Tom Ford’s signature Soleil packaging??? So you’re saying I’m paying 53 bucks for packaging?? No…….. Come on Tom Ford. I won’t spend that money on a shimmer lipstick that gives me the same finish if I had topped my $3 ELF lipstick or $5 Colourpop lipstick with a shimmer shadow. The total of those three products don’t even come close to what I’ll be spending on one Tom Ford lipstick. 

I know a few YouTubers swear by Tom Ford‘s lipsticks, citing its comfort and beautiful color. That’s great for them. But as the average consumer, it just doesn’t make sense for me to spend that much on something that is not at all unique or outstanding. I know that owning a luxury cosmetic item is something makeup lovers treasure. But there are tonnes of other lipsticks out there, even from other high end brands whose quality are comparable to or even supersede what Tom Ford has to offer. For those out there thinking of getting a classic lipstick and dabbling with the idea of purchasing Tom Ford, let me intervene and help you save some money and get better products from this list. 

ysl rouge.jpg

For those who want to own a lipstick from a high end brand, YSL has an impressive range of matte and satin lipsticks that I personally feel are of amazing quality. And they cost 16 dollars less. Dior also has a notable line of lipsticks, with the most recent collection just launched a couple months ago. And you get to save 18 dollars by choosing Dior over Tom Ford!

dior rouge.jpg

Another trusted brand when it comes to lip products, and one that never disappoints is NARS. Their NARS Audacious series is worth every buck, and cost 21 dollars less

NARS audacious.jpg

For those only willing to spend about 20 bucks on a lipstick, Bite Beauty and Smashbox have an entire range of colors for you to choose from. Bite Beauty has been one of the most praiseworthy lip brands in 2016. Their Amuse Bouche series are of impeccable quality and cost half of Tom Ford’s. 

Bite beauty.jpg

Smashbox’s Be Legendary lipstick collection also has an outstanding range of matte and satin lipsticks of great quality. And they only cost 21 dollars!

smashbox be legendary.jpg

For drugstore brands, ELF and NYX offer such commendable quality of lipsticks considering their low price point – 3 and 6 bucks respectively

nyx butter.jpgnyx butter 3.jpg

elf 3.jpgelf 2.jpg

There… Most of the dupes at the top of my head. Way less expensive, and amazing quality. See Tom Ford, how can I justify spending on your lipstick when I have all these better alternatives? I don’t need a 53 dollar lipstick, like how I don’t need that Christian Louboutin 90 dollar lip shit. They’re collector’s edition. The average consumer, you and I, shouldn’t spend our money on things like that. So let’s say no thanks to Tom Ford and his lipsticks.


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