Judge Judy: Bite Beauty Multistick

Bite Beauty is a brand that has been making great strides in the cosmetics industry. Specializing in lip products, Bite Beauty has over twenty different types of lipsticks with various finishes and formulations. Their Amuse Bouche series was a great hit of 2016, with its quality touted as comparable to or even better than lip products double its price. This time round I’ll be reviewing their Multistick series. I’ve never tried them before so I was really excited to receive three colors from this brand!


(Image source: http://www.beautyediter.com/2016/08/bite-beauty-multistick-swatches.html)

Bite Beauty Multistick

  • 24.00 USD for 0.17 oz
  • Applies like a cream and wears like a powder for weightless color application
  • Soft focused finish that is breathable, blendable and buildable
  • Can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks


Left: Described as a rose taupe, this is how the shade Cashew looks on me. Middle: Described as a deep, muted mauve, this is how the shade Biscotti looks on me. Right: Described as a fresh coral with rose, this is how the shade Papaya looks on me.


Bite Beauty Multistick

  • Applies like a cream and wears like a powder for weightless color application
  • Soft focused finish that is breathable, blendable and buildable
  • Can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks

When it comes to something that’s described as applying like a cream and wears like a powder, I would usually relate this to foundations. A couple of mousse foundations like the Marvelous Mousse from Marc Jacobs and the Maybelline Dream Matte have cream to powder like properties, where they apply on your skin as a cream texture but ends up with a weightless powdery, matte finish. I rarely find that description on lipsticks, which is why I was quite surprised when the packaging of the lipsticks come with that claim. The description on their website describes the Bite Beauty Multistick as containing 35% powder in each bullet. What I take it to be for lipsticks is that it applies like a cream lipstick, but it ends up as a soft matte that feels extremely light on the lips.

Do these lipsticks live up to that claim? For the most part, yes. In the tube itself, you can see that it is indeed a cream lipstick, and it applies like one but provides a very soft matte finish. The finish reminds me a lot of the NYX soft matte lip cream, but the Bite Beauty Multistick is tons better in pigmentation and opacity. Even for the lighter color Cashew, one swipe is all you need to fully cover your lips. The pigmentation for the bolder colors Biscotti and Papaya are to die for. This lipstick would probably last you a long time as you only need one or two swipes per use.

This lightweight lipstick provides a pleasant level of comfort though it still retains a bit of tackiness that some may find bothersome for a product claiming to provide a matte finish. It feels moisturizing enough to keep the lips looking plump and nourished throughout wear. They’re definitely blendable and buildable. I applied the lipstick with a brush, starting from the tiniest amount and noticed that the color does get bolder (without changing the tone) when you layer. They’re also a breeze to apply. However, I did not try the lipstick on areas other than my lips so I can’t say much as to how they perform on the eyes and cheeks. But seeing the soft matte texture, I project that it could serve as a great cream eyeshadow, or probably a shadow booster when applied underneath a powder or glitter eyeshadow. I can also see this being used as a cream blush, but I would probably go for lighter, more peachy colors for that rather than the colors I have now.

All in all I think Bite Beauty has done it again with the Multistick. It’s a great formula that applies so well and looks great. With eighteen colors to choose from, from warm/cool brown tones to taupes, peach, rose, pinks and red, I’m sure you can find your favorite in this bunch!

VERDICT: Highly Recommended


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