Judge Judy: Dior Rouge Lipstick

Continuing with the third installment of my 5-part multiple lipstick swatch series, I’m here today to share with you swatches of the Dior Rouge Lipstick. I’m so excited to receive lipsticks from this stylish, cutting-edge brand (thanks Sephora) and I will be swatching four of their matte shades in this post. So without further ado, let’s dive into it!

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(Image source: https://www.glambot.com/dior-rouge-lipstick-premiere-060)

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick

  • 35.00 USD for 0.12 oz
  • Highly pigmented finish with no streaking
  • 16 hours of comfort without drying lips
  • Enriched with hydrating mango butter, hyaluronic acid and decox to create a volumizing effect

Our Photos22

Top Left: Named Delicate Matte, this is how the shade 136 looks on me. Top Right: Named Classic Matte, this is how the shade 772 looks on me. Bottom Left: Named Exuberant Matte, this is how the shade 787 looks on me. Bottom Right: Named Matte, this is how the shade 999 looks on me.


Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick

  • Highly pigmented finish with no streaking
  • 16 hours of comfort without drying lips
  • Enriched with hydrating mango butter, hyaluronic acid and decox to create a volumizing effect

This is the first time I’ve tried Dior lipsticks. I’ve only owned their lip liner which I found to be a little bit drying and not as greatly pigmented but of course I’m not using that as a benchmark for their lipsticks.

So for the first claim of being highly pigmented, I would say that it’s true for three of the colors I tried. As you might’ve guessed, the three colors are indeed the bolder colors – 772 (Classic Matte), 787 (Exuberant Matte) and 999 (Matte). They applied very well without any streaking and the colors are indeed opaque. 136 (Delicate Matte) was a pain to apply. It was super streaky, and the pigmentation was so poor that layer upon layer of the product still did not build opacity. But I believe pigmentation and streakiness is a common problem for light/pale colors. Oh well…

For the second claim on 16 hours wear, to be honest, I don’t wear lipstick for that long so I wouldn’t know if it does hit that 16 hour mark. But for the 8 hours that I wore the lipstick, it is comfortable and doesn’t dry my lips. It might’ve been the mango butter and hyaluronic acid. But then again, it might’ve also been the lip balm which I wore underneath. But overall, the lipstick does not lead to any cracking of the lips or settling into the fine lines despite it being a matte formula.

That being said, as with most matte lipstick in bullet form/packaging (i.e. not liquid lipstick or packaged in a tube), the finish is not completely matte. They’re more satin-matte and easily transfer, therefore are not as long lasting. In fact, these colors, though bold and pigmented were rather easy to remove with just dry tissue. By the time I had my mid-day meal, the color isn’t pretty anymore and definitely warrants a touch up if you’re going to continue your day outside.

As for the volumizing effect, I feel it really depends on how you apply it – whether you apply layers of it or overdraw your lips etc. Because the lipstick in itself, applied normally, does not give a volumizing effect. It’s only when you apply thicker layers and perhaps overdraw your lips slightly does it then look plump and voluminous.

So would I purchase the Dior Rouge once these four run out? I don’t think so. For matte lipstick, I still prefer applying liquid lipsticks as they are truly matte and stay on the lips for a long time without transferring. I might however try the satin lipstick in this Dior Rouge series. But for what the product claims to do, I guess it’s not a fail. And the colors are pretty. Too bad it is pretty pricey, for I would have just gone for a NYX matte lipstick (only 5 bucks) if I were to purchase a matte lipstick in a classic bullet packaging.

VERDICT: Recommended (if you don’t mind spending the money)


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