Basics Baby: How to create skin-like, naturally radiant makeup finish

For readers who are fond of a pancake foundation finish and would never in a million years go for a natural look, this post is not for you. If you’re struggling to make your foundation appear as close to your natural complexion as possible, then you are in the right spot baby!

As much as I love makeup, I would only go heavy on eye or lip makeup. I don’t mind doing a dramatic eye look, or a bold  lip, but I do so mind a heavy foundation finish. I personally prefer my skin to look like skin despite having applied foundation and powder on it. So I’ve been trying and experimenting for years, different tips and tricks on how to get the most natural yet beautiful, radiant makeup finish. And I must say, I believe I’ve found the one method that truly works – using facial oil two ways.

I have always been averse to using facial oils on my skin as I foresee that it might be too greasy on my oily areas and clog my pores. But I’ve just read so many wonderful things about facial oils – and by this I refer to oils such as plant-based oils, argan oil or jojoba oil but NOT essential oils. The latter are typically fragrance oils, thus may be iffy for certain skin types and I would personally avoid applying on my face altogether. The former however contains essential fatty acids and skin-vital antioxidants that can alleviate dry skin, calm redness, and create a dewy smooth glow to skin. Which is why I’ve decided to introduce facial oil not just into my skincare routine but my makeup routine too! So allow me to share with you two possible ways in which you can use facial oil to help create a skin-like, naturally radiant makeup finish.

Method 1: Applying oil as skin base

If you’ve read quite a number of my blog posts, you’d notice that I emphasize a great deal on skin preparation prior to makeup application. I am a believer of skin prep as a make it or break it step that determines your makeup outcome. Prior to my facial oil discovery, I would usually apply a mixture of my gel moisturizer with a brightening essence, followed by primer before applying foundation. This did give me a good base, but the moisture and radiance wasn’t enough to penetrate the layer of foundation.

With the facial oil, I mixed two to three drops of it with my moisturizer and essence, and take about twenty seconds or so to massage that concoction into my skin. This leaves my skin with an incredibly well-nourished feel and a complexion that simply looks healthy, glowing and luminous. It provides amazing slip for foundation to be applied on top, and is potent enough to still radiate and glow from beneath the foundation. As a result, my foundation finish looks extremely skin-like, as if my skin was a more even and radiant version of its original self.

Method 2: Mixing oil with foundation

If you do not wish to change up your skincare/skin prep routine, you can always mix the facial oil with your foundation. I’ve tried this method with all kinds of foundation – oil-based, water-based, tinted moisturizer, oil-free foundation and lightweight foundation. They all work extremely well with the facial oil, so no worries on mixing the oil with water-based foundation. They do mix well and do not break apart on the skin, even after hours of wear.

So what I’d typically do is to mix in just one drop of the facial oil with one pump of foundation. Then I’d either mix it with my fingers and apply the mixture on my skin with my fingers, then blended out with a buffing brush or a damp beauty blender. Alternatively, I also sometimes mix it with a flat paddle brush and apply the mixture on my skin and then blend with a damp beauty blender. The mixture of oil and foundation dilutes the latter further to make it more sheer so that when applied on your skin, it’ll appear natural. Using a damp beauty blender also helps in further sheering out the foundation and increasing skin luminosity.

Method 1 or 2?

If you have dry to normal skin, you can actually perform both methods i.e. using facial oil in your skin prep followed by mixing the facial oil with your foundation to achieve the natural finish. If you have combination to oily skin, and would like to minimize the chances of a greasy complexion by the end of the day, you can choose either one of the two methods. As for me, it really depends on how my skin’s feeling as well as the weather. I tend to adopt both methods during the winter when my skin leans more towards the dry side, and would usually go with one of the two methods during warmer climates when my skin feels more balanced.

As for the facial oil itself, I would recommend the one that I am currently using by Paula’s Choice – RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster. I love how this feels on my skin – it is just the right consistency, not heavy at all. Its hydrating quality is superior and it contains an amazing blend of ingredients that are so beneficial for skin. Most importantly, it mixes well with any foundation. I will provide the link down below if you’re interested.

Image result for RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster

(Image source:

Link to Paula’s Choice website: (

I hope you get to try these methods and experience the natural, healthy and luminous finish for yourself!


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