Judge Judy: La Mer – The Moisturizing Soft Cream

As the title suggests, I’m going to do my first ‘Judge Judy’ skincare review. I’ve always been reviewing lipsticks and mascara in this series and I feel it’s time for me to introduce skincare items as well. And what a debut this is making with La Mer!

I remember in my early teenage years, I used to walk around the beauty halls in department stores like Takashimaya and Robinsons back in Singapore, and just being mesmerized at the La Mer and La Prairie counters. Well, mostly mesmerized with the price tag of the products and wondered what it might feel like to slap a 300 dollar cream on my face. La Mer is a luxury brand, and their hefty price tag suggests indeed that’s how they market themselves. They have mostly been their own exclusive retailers until recently, back in February if I’m not mistaken, that they’ve hit the shelves of Sephora. I’ve never owned a La Mer product, until Sephora gifted me one. And this I dare say – I will never ever purchase this La Mer cream, ever.

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(Image source: http://www.sephora.com/the-moisturizing-soft-cream-P416342)

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

  • 85.00 USD for 0.5 oz; 170.00 USD for 1.0 oz; 310.00 USD for 2.0 oz; 465.00 USD for 3.4 oz
  • A lightweight moisturizing cream that nourishes skin for an instant luminous and youthfully radiant finish.
  • Infused with the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™ that penetrates deeply to replenish moisture and strengthen skin.

I received The Moisturizing Soft Cream by La Mer, in a mini size which I believe to be half an ounce. Prior to using the product, I read up about the brand’s history. Apparently, La Mer’s founder developed the famed Creme de la Mer (the original version of the La Mer moisturizing soft cream) with nutrient-rich sea kelp and other natural ingredients to treat burns that he had suffered as a result of an experiment that went awry. Since his skin was then visibly restored, I was really excited to try the cream, and truthfully more excited to realize those wondering moments I had as a teenager about slapping this baby on my face. But all my excitement dissipated and turned into major disappointment instead.

As you can tell from the details above, this cream costs a ton. And not for a ton of product. But in this case, even if they were to provide a ton of product, I wouldn’t purchase it. It is simply not a good moisturizer. Allow me to elaborate.

When I purchase a moisturizer, be it in cream, gel or lotion form, I expect it to meet basic expectations. First, as a moisturizer, it must fulfill its basic role that is to hydrate my skin. In hydrating my skin, the moisturizer must be able to combat signs of dryness and leave my skin feeling well nourished without being too heavy for the skin to tolerate. Second, the moisturizer must only contain ingredients beneficial to my skin. The ingredients found in the product must provide hydrating, softening, repairing and anti-aging ingredients preferably. It must not contain any skin irritants that can either clog my pores, inflame my skin or cause any other adverse reactions. Lastly, the moisturizer has to be sustainable for me, in price and in packaging. It has to be a worthy and preferably affordable expenditure, housed in a stable packaging that allows the beneficial ingredients to remain active the longest. And if the moisturizer costs a bomb such as the La Mer one, then I’d expect great value for my money – it must perform basic moisturizing task plus a whole lot more! Unfortunately, La Mer’s Moisturizing Soft Cream did not even meet any of my basic requirements.

As a cream moisturizer, I have to say I was pretty impressed with how lightweight it felt on the skin. My hesitation with cream moisturizers is its thick consistency that might be a bit too heavy for my combination skin. So I was pleasantly surprised when I first applied this product on my face for it felt extremely light and gave an almost invisible finish to the skin. My skin neither felt greasy nor tacky. However, my first impression was short lived as the moisturizer did not feel hydrating enough for my skin. I applied a reasonably small amount (as the brand suggested) and it did not feel nourishing at all for me. In fact, some of the dry patches that I developed that month (February’s winter is rather harsh here in the Mid-West) was not at all alleviated by this cream. I used it for a good two weeks (nightly) and it did absolutely nothing for my skin. I had to wait for my morning gel moisturizer to work its magic to quench my complexion. There were a couple of days where I used a bit more product. The excess just dissolved into my skin and then felt like nothing again. So did this freaking expensive moisturizer moisturize my skin? Nope.

Next, the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream does contain an array of beneficial anti-aging ingredients including antioxidants. However, the benefits of those power ingredients are eclipsed by the inclusion of skin irritants namely lime, eucalyptus oil and certain fragrance ingredients which can cause skin irritation or inflammation. This can potentially damage your skin collagen and impair any skin reparative process, in addition to not helping you look younger. On my own skin, I noticed that my complexion felt uncomfortably tight due to dryness and did not look as radiant as it does with my usual moisturizer. Clearly, this product wasn’t loving my skin, and my skin was not loving it.

For the price, I wonder what is it that people are paying for. You can get a much better moisturizer with the same, if not more beneficial ingredients without the presence of skin irritants for a small fraction of the price you’re paying for this one. And you’ll even get a more stable packaging, not a jar packaging that’s susceptible to quicker disintegration of ingredients. So, I will be telling my younger self who used to be mesmerized at La Mer products – Girl, it’s no big deal. I am not a fan, I find the product totally underwhelming and the price completely ridiculous. So, clearly the verdict is…



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