No Thanks Holiday 2017 Collection

It’s that time of year again folks! Cosmetic companies are releasing their limited edition holiday collections, enticing you with what appears as exclusive must-haves, not just for yourself but as gifts for your loved ones too. Now, you know how I feel about limited edition releases – the quality is almost never on par with permanent collections. It’s a fact that holiday releases are really more about style than substance. The selling point is more often than not the attractive packaging rather than an enhanced quality of the product itself. For example, some cosmetic companies that normally manufacture their permanent line in the United States would actually outsource their holiday collection production to China and this constitutes inferior ingredients and manner of production. The packaging however tends to be more glamorous and tempting than the permanent line, which I believe is what’s sucking most consumers out there into its vortex.

So before you get all excited seeing pretty things in stores and online, let’s take a look at some holiday collection releases that should not be tempting you to fork out your hard earned money just because they’re pretty.

Too Faced The White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Holiday 2017 (45.00 USD)

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What’s my No Thanks post if Too Faced is not on the list right? LOL. But jokes aside, I’m truly not including Too Faced just because. I honestly feel a dearth of innovation with every new Too Faced releases these days, especially their limited and holiday editions. The ‘I Want Kandee’ collection with Kandee Johnson was a pain for me to just run through the entire line, all because it was really nothing but cuteness overload. Their many other exclusive palettes after that looked just like any of their previous palettes. It really seems as if the creative directors at Too Faced are just paid to recycle old or existing products into new packaging. Now, with the release of Too Faced The White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Holiday 2017, I’m not wrong at all, am I?

The White Chocolate Bar, is yet again nothing new for Too Faced. Aside from the fact that Too Faced is known for their Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palettes, they’ve also formerly released a White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette I believe end of last year or early this year, but it was a clutch-sized palette featuring 11 dull-looking shades with extremely poor quality that it received terrible reviews and rating on both Sephora and ULTA. Now, just for comparison sake, let me include a shot of said palette below. (I have actually featured this palette in a previous No Thanks post –


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I don’t know about you but to me, both palettes appear to share the same vibe and tone and finish, even name. If you cover the shades Mint Chocolate and Frosted Apricot from the White Chocolate Bar palette, I think it looks almost identical to the White Chocolate Chip palette. And of course excluding those two shades means that the White Chocolate Bar palette is similarly a bland and uninspiring palette. This doesn’t imply that including those two shades would render it any more interesting. Also, since this is a holiday release I’m not too sure about the quality either. If it is reminiscent of the White Chocolate Chip palette then that’s totally bad news. I’m sorry Too Faced but you have failed to impress me, yet again.

Tarte Park Ave Princess Highlight and Contour Palette Holiday 2017 (46.00 USD)


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Now I’ve to admit that this is a hard one. Really hard. When I first laid my eyes on it, I was just so tempted to get it. I mean check out the packaging – so sleek, yet classy and glamorous at the same time. However, I had to pause, calm myself down and really think whether I do need this palette. First of all, I have not tried any of Tarte’s contour products. But I do own Tarte’s permanent blushes and highlighters, along with their Summer 2016 Tarte Tarteist limited edition blush palette. Based off that experience, I have to say that the limited edition palette does not share the same quality as the permanent line. Whereas Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush is very silky smooth, the limited edition blush is very powdery and does not last even half the time of the former.

So with this new holiday release I am truly skeptical of the quality but I cannot say for sure because I’ve never owned Tarte’s previous Park Ave Princess collection. In addition, I was just trying to process why I would need that many contour shades. I only have one skin tone, why would I need four different shades to bronze or contour. While some may say that the browns can be used as eyeshadow, hello, I didn’t buy a ton of eyeshadow palettes just so I can doll up my eyes using a contour palette?!? But I feel that this palette might be a great catch for pale girls as the matte highlight powders and first two contour shades look cool-toned enough for very fair skin.

As for me, I honestly am still sitting on the fence about this one mostly because I am almost out of my Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour palette, and am considering if I should try out Tarte’s Park Ave Princess next. But if you still have not hit pan on your existing highlight/contour palette, then I would suggest to skip this, or at least swatch it to know its quality. Don’t be afraid that it will sell out. Tarte’s holiday palettes are almost rarely sold out fast. In fact, I can still find the previous Park Ave Princess palette sold on Tarte Cosmetics. So, you don’t need to rush for this.

Morphe Brushes Dare to Create Holiday 2017 Collection


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So for Holiday 2017, Morphe Brushes is releasing its ‘Dare to Create’ Collection consisting of several eyeshadow palettes (two 15-pan palettes and one 39-pan palette), two liquid lipsticks, five metallic liquid lipsticks and a bling brush set. Well, I am not going to purchase any of them because I do not need them, nor do I want them. The two 15-pan eyeshadow palettes no doubt look pretty and suitable if you are just getting into makeup and wouldn’t mind your makeup products manufactured in China. The 39-pan eyeshadow palette is clearly made for makeup artists since it includes a row of transition shades for all skin tones. I don’t need any new liquid lipsticks and I detest the thought of buying brushes just because it is covered with “bling”. So, that’s that.

MAC Cosmetics Snow Ball Mini Lipstick Kit Holiday 2017 Collection (69.50 USD)

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While I love MAC lipsticks, I am totally not in love with this mini holiday kit. Besides the fact that they look cute and pretty blah blah blah, I don’t need this entire kit for myself. As an average makeup wearer, I do not need to own this many shades. As a seasoned makeup wearer, I know which lip colors I love and gravitate towards so I don’t need to waste money purchasing a kit of which only a quarter of the lipsticks appeal to me. If you’re looking to include a mini lipstick in your gift bags for your loved ones, this may be something special. But if you just want lipsticks for yourself, go ahead and check out the tons of MAC permanent lipsticks and get a couple shades you truly love.

Tatcha Mini Lipstick Trio Holiday 2017 Collection (60.00 USD)


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If you’ve never heard of Tatcha, let me sum it up for you. Tatcha is a Japanese skincare/cosmetics line that sells expensive products. I’m talking Tom Ford and SKII expensive. Their Silk Cream Moisturizer will set you back 120 USD, their setting spray (Dewy Skin Mist) costs almost 50 bucks and their full sized lipsticks is priced similarly with Tom Ford’s Moisture Core Lip Color, at 55 USD. That’s truly a hefty price tag. And for a set of mini lipsticks to be priced at 60 USD is pretty ridiculous to me. For that same cost, you can get yourself a multitude of combinations of full-sized lipsticks of your choice. I can get three full-sized MAC lipsticks of my choice for less, or three Smashbox or NARS lipsticks for almost the same price. I can get three full-sized liquid lipsticks from Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte Cosmetics, Huda Beauty and more. I can go drugstore and purchase ten NYX lipsticks. The possibility is wide. So why would I spend that same amount of money on tiny lipsticks that aren’t even my favorite shades to begin with. And not to mention these mini lipsticks are always given out as freebies. I have a ton of those from NARS, Marc Jacobs, Milk Makeup and more, so why would I want to fork out 60 USD this time round? For the packaging? Huh, no thanks.

Christian Louboutin Rouge Metallisme Holiday 2017 Collection


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Last but not least, a brand that even if it is not a holiday collection, I wouldn’t purchase from. Christian Louboutin. Probably selling one of the most expensive lip products in the cosmetic industry at 90 USD per lipstick. The selling point? Of course the unique and provocative weapon-like packaging. Are the formula any good? From reviews I’ve read and watched, they’re pretty average, nothing wows you about the quality of the lipstick itself. You only want this if you want something eye-catching on your vanity. So, long story short, this holiday collection is not for people who genuinely want a good satin or metallic lipstick or nail polish. However, if you have lots of cash to spare and is dying for such an intriguing looking lipstick, then it’s all yours. As for me, NO THANKS!

The holiday releases can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are bombarded by their alerts and updates. Just remember to think through why the product is not worth your money before impulsively spending on them just because they look pretty. Till the next one!