Most of my good friends love makeup. We engage in conversations about the latest in beauty, and they value my opinion on products or techniques, what have you. More often than not I find myself sharing my thoughts repeatedly with different friends/groups of friends. So I figured I’d blog my thoughts instead, and at length so my friends can enjoy them better. Of course I also welcome others out there who might chance upon my blog. So here’s a bit about what this site has to offer:

 Join me in my Basics Baby series as I share my 101s on makeup/skincare item or routine. I’ll reside as Judge Judy performing truthful product review and comparison. When there are products I absolutely adore and swear by, they’re featured in Holy Grail. Allow me to also indulge in my cosmetics as I bring you my Look of the Day, with a list of products used. Color Up is the latest addition to my categories, essentially an extension of my Look of the Day series where I go into the specifics of applications and techniques for my eye makeup. But all in all, I’m not here to encourage overboard consumerism so let me help you curb your insatiable desire for more by sharing with you products not worth buying that I’m saying No Thanks to. So if this is your cup of tea, enjoy!


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